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"Terri Wilson is huge! Her plays are above and beyond,
(much like our Christ), her ability to remind us of the
goodness and greatness of our Savior is to be applauded!
Let's keep her ministry and heart for Jesus in Prayer!"

Your friendly neighborhood Supa Saint,

D.J. Ronnie Knight  
(Cleveland, Ohio)
I absolutely loved the play "Things Aren't Always What
they Seem" Terri brings reality of home to the stage,
putting it right in your face. The play definitely leaves you
with food for thought.

Bernastine B.
(Cleveland, Ohio)
It was very inspirational. I really loved it. I feel that people will be
touched and encouraged by "Things Aren't Always What They
Seem".  I can't wait to see the next play "DESIRE". Count me in for
front row seats.

Cynthia W.
(Garfield Hts, Ohio)
My Girl Terri Wilson, will be the next (Female-Tyler Perry)Ya
Heard.....The play "DESIRE" was written and directed with great
inspiration. Terri showed people that all things done through Christ
is what makes you strong. (Pssst Terri, the seats were excellent!
Keep me on
the V.I.P. List) Requesting the show back by popular demand.

Carol J. (C.J)
(Euclid, OH)
The play was very good. Every person in the play fit their character,
I would like to see the next play.

Felecia R.
(Cleveland, Oh.)
This play was very inspirational. The actors were wonderful. I told
everyone I know about the play and we can't wait to see the next

Tayana D.
(Cleveland, Ohio)
I just want to say that "Desire" was something to be desired. The
play was wonderful and it really made you think about decisions
and how man as a whole can influence someone's life and it may
not be for good, but for evil. That's why it is important to know
Jesus Christ and accept him as your savior.I give all praises to
Terri for putting together a great play and I can't wait to see what's

Rolanda M.
(Cleveland, Ohio)
Terri, I am so proud of you by letting God use you in a way to
pastorize a gift you have. Many can't sit and do what you do, but to
be able to sit and be blessed is a blessing.  Keep it up.  

Christopher Brown
(Cleveland, Oh.)
Hi Terri,  You don’t know me but someone who works with me
told me about your play and gave me the flyer. I came to the
play Saturday and brought my sister.  I just wanted you to know
I  really enjoyed it and it was so nice to go to a production
which was Christ centered.  My sister says she really enjoyed it
as well.  I hope to meet you in person one day.  Just wanted to
say keep the good work up for our Lord and Savior !!!   A  sis in

Diane Kline
Hi Terri,
I told you I wouldn't miss out this time! Great Play!!!

Robin Brown
My two daughters, myself and a few of my girlfriends were
blessed by the play DESIRE.  It is a very realistic Christian
play with real-life situations.   I thank God that I was able to
see the play and more so knowing a true woman of God with
so much talent and vision as Terri Wilson.

May God continue to use you for your good and His Glory.  

Your play Desire was excellent. Keep on writing to the glory
of our Great God.

Whisperers Video Clips
The production of Desire that was put on as a benefit for
Blessings! Christian Bookstore was stupendous! The mere act of
generosity was enough but the acting/directing was fantastic. This
play is definitely one with a moral message that encourages
viewers to call upon the biblical truths they have been taught. God
is good and director/founder of God I O U Productions and cast are
truly a blessing to this city. Thank you all and God's continued

Diana R. Cleveland, OH
This was an awesome play (Whisperers)! All Characters were very
talented, the stage was so colorful and I felt this play was very well
Directed and Produced by Terri Wilson. Terri you have been
producing and directing the most inspirational plays in the past,
present and future, the Lord has really Blessed you!

Carol R. Richmond Hts, Ohio
Terri I have been so encouraged
seeing how much you have grown presenting plays. Each play
takes you to a greater level.
I can't claim a favorite because I love them all.
Continue to allow God to use you in getting the word out to the
world through drama. I wish you the greatest success. My mother
and the girls enjoy supporting you in all that you do. And of course
you know that I enjoy helping.
Your number one fan.

Cheryl Darby
(Cleveland, Ohio)
The play "Desire"was very uplifting. The actors were very moving. I
believe this play demonstrated that we have a forgiving God who
loves us in spite of what we do. Thanks Terri for putting out quality
gospel plays.

Pastor Rory Tate (Cleveland, Ohio)
Hey Terri, just wanted to say Good Job! Enjoyed the play! I am sure
that you will do more in the future keep me posted. I would love to
see the play air again some how. It has a good message that many
more people young and old need to see and hear. Think about it
maybe the East Cleveland Theater or somewhere. Continue to be

Remolda Cheeks, Cleveland, OH.
Terri, I checked out the play Saturday night. It was AWESOME!!
What a powerful message. I laughed, cried, booed and cheered.
Thanks for sharing your blessing of talent - I told all my friends
about it and I can't wait until the next one

Tina H. (Cleveland, OH
Just coming through to tell you how much I enjoyed your play
"Whispers." This was the second play of your's that I've seen (first
one being "Desire"). I was at the Saturday Show with Diane from
Blessings Bookstore to support Denise (the praise dancer from
Elizabeth Baptist Church). Keep up the good work - can't wait for the
next play.

Dwyane D. Cleveland, OH.