Kimberly Greenwood
"Actress / Dancer/ Singer"
Actress / Praise Dancer / Song Writer)
Shanteal Davis
"Actress / Singer
Darryl Tatum
"Actor/ Singer"
I feel so blessed that God has chosen me for this journey. To watch a vision come from a blank piece of
paper to seeing it performed live on a stage is a feeling that is unexplainable.
What an awesome feeling to walk in His light and held in His love.  

I encourage all of my single and saved sisters and brothers in Christ who are worrying about what mate
God is going to place them with, to seek God for the purpose that He has for them. God is trying to do
something awesome in you. Allow Him to use you. Then hold on, it's going to be a "Holy Ghost" ride. I
thank God for what He has done and for all the doors He is about to open for me. "Can I get an AMEN?"  
Watch out world here comes
Jenise Bryant
"Actress / Singer/ Dancer"
"Faith the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not yet seen."
"Hebrews 11:1"
Lyneil Nash
"Actor / Singer"
Charles Sullen
"Actor / Singer"
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